Upcoming Activities

Oct 31: No School Fall Break

Nov 2: Fall Back; Time Changes!

Nov 3: Volleyball Subdistricts in Ord, South Loup v. Central Valley at 6:00; second game for winner to follow immediately

Nov 6: Conference Quiz Bowl has been Moved to March 9!!!

Nov 7: JH Wrestling @ Sutherland; 3:00

Nov 11: Veteran's Day program in Gym, 10:00

Nov 12: CAPABLE Career Day: Healthcare

Nov 13: JH Wrestling SL Invite @ Arnold, 2:00

Nov 14: One Act Play school matinee, 2:00; Public Performance with Callaway @ Arnold, 7:00

Nov 17: Winter Sports Practice Begins; OCC Packing party in HS Gym; Pubic Performance One-Act Play in Callaway (7:00)

Nov 21: JH Wrestling @ Med Valley, 1:00

Nov 24: Conference Play Production in Callaway, 2:00 Performance

Nov 26: Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving; 2:40 Friday Schedule

Nov 27-28: No School; Thanksgiving Break

Beginning Laptop Concerns For Schools to Consider

Through the course of presenting to many teachers, several faculty groups, and many workshop sessions, I have compiled a list of concerns that seem to crop up the most.   Sometimes the questions come in the form of a single question at at time and those are addressed in the FAQ section of this web site.  the following questions and concerns are those that must be answered by the district themselves.  Most teachers don’t seem negative, some don’t seem excited, and a few are really nervous; however, the majority can see the possibilities, exhibit the enthusiasm, and think toward the future.  They did seem full of questions, open to the answers I provide, and interested in learning more.  I was very glad to see that.  However they did have some legitimate concerns they must have felt comfortable sharing with an outsider.  So here they are:


Classroom Management:

  1. ClassroomManagement11.pdf

Implementation Issues:

  1. They wished they more more input into this process. They wished they could have collaborated more with their peers to plan and get ready.
  2. Not enough tech people now.  They will be stretched even thinner when the laptops come in.  They think you will need to hire.
  3. Getting professional leave days to go get tech training.
  4. Classroom discipline should be consistent between all classrooms and the AUP needs to be revisite to be sure there are no loop holes.
  5. They don’t know how demanding the admin will be at the beginning.  They want to know what is the minimum requirements instead of the end goal for the first year.
  6. Planning the phases of integration to avoid teacher frustration
  7. Creating the vision of what your school and classrooms will look like after a couple of years with the laptops.  What do you want the kids to “look” like?  The teachers?  How will the public look at it and how do you get to that point?
  8. Creating an acceptable use policy for school rules and consequences.  What is the differentiation between the admin and staff dicipline issues?


Lesson Planning Concerns:

  1. Scenarios and consequences when things happen.  Creating a discipline plan.
  2. Teacher classroom managment techniques
  3. Not enough nuts and bolts of getting ready for the classroom changes
  4. What software will be on the laptops and what should I do with it?
  5. Collaboration time for teachers to plan projects
  6. The learner outcomes after a couple of years.

Infrastructure Issues:

  1. Server is unreliable and difficult to connect to.
  2. Concerned about students losing files
  3. Poor currently wireless network connections


Student Accountability:

  1. students damaging other students’ laptops because they are not friends.  Like pushing laptops off the desks intentionally to get others in trouble, or throwing someone’s bag down the stairs
  2. worried about the transient population and how you won’t get laptops back.


Financial Concerns:

  1. worried about having a significant deposit so they would want their money back



  1. community buy-in is questionable?  They act like the community doesn’t really know what is going on with the tax dollars.
  2. they aren’t even sure if the staff has bought into this either…


The more you know in advance of “every move” of this project, the more

comfortable they will feel.