Upcoming Activities

Success Factors


When you research the schools that currently have laptop initiatives, and look at what their schools are doing, you will find that the

following terms fit each one of them.  If you don’t believe me, go the Apple web site and look at the 1:1 school profiles.

  1. 1.creative
  2. 2.willing to take risks
  3. 3.innovative
  4. 4.highly collaborative environments
  5. 5.reflective
  6. 6.productivity
  7. 7.student empowered
  8. 8.organization
  9. 9.digital exploration
  10. 10.engaging
  11. 11.self-directed
  12. 12.new teaching methods
  13. 13.quality assessment leads to improvements
  14. 14.standards aligned
  15. 15.project-based
  16. 16.asking important questions (beyond comprehension)
  17. 17.up-to-date resources
  18. 18.flexible curriculum
  19. 19.a cycle of learning from each other
  20. 20.comparing and contrasting
  21. 21.community