Upcoming Activities

April 18-21: No School Easter Vacation

April 22: JH Track @ Broken Bow

April 22: Senior Tea VFW, 2:30

April 22-23: 5th Grade NeSA Reading

April 24: Golf @ Sandhills/Thedford

April 24: DARE Graduation 2:00

April 24-25: 5th Grade NeSA Science and Math

April 25: Community Clean-Up 6-12 Students w/ Chamber of Commerce (All Day)

April 25: LVC Music @ Broken Bow

April 26: HS Track @ Hershey

April 28-29: 4th Grade Trip to Halsey

April 28: NHS/NJHS Induction Ceremony

April 28/30: 8th and 11th NeSA Science

April 29: JH Track South Loup Invite; Arnold

April 30-May 1: 4th NeSA Math

Author Powerpoint

Project Title:  Presenting Authors

Software Used:  Power Point, Internet or library for research  (I have also allowed a student to create a web page based off an author and add links to helpful biographical sites.)

Subject and Grade Level:  9-12 English

Intergrated Subject Areas Also Covered:  This same lesson can be used with any historical figure.

Standards:  12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.8, 12.2.1, 12.2.2, 12.2.3, 12.2.5, 12.3.1, 12.3.2

Example:  ”American Authors Project”; “Author speech Evalua”; “Modern Author List”

Suggestions:  I have found that writing a biography is really a difficult assignment to give students without the students being almost forced to plagiarize.  Rather than giving up on assigning biographies, I create a twist by assigning it as a Power Point presentation.  Students must present their author, but may only use bulleted items on their Power Point.  I also offer bonus points for creativity.  For instance, the ABCs of Dr. Suess may have information presented with sentences that are all in alphabetical order with a rhyme scheme.  The creativity bonus must fit the author’s personae.

Materials needed:  None, other than computers

Lesson Plans/Directions:  I allow students two days for research, one day for creating the Power Point, and one day for peer practice of the presentation.  I emphasize that the Power Point must represent the author’s personae.  I also insist on some personal history and struggles, pop culture influence like history or art, important works, and influence on others.  It should have at least 15 slides.  When students present the Power Point, they are not allowed to read word for word.  The Power Point should be used as an outline.  Students must also power dress and we often use it as the speaking assessment.