Upcoming Activities

Sept 1: Labor Day; NO SCHOOL

Sept 4: JV/V VB @ Mullen; 5/6:00; Early Dismissal Teacher Inservice (1:45)

Sept 5: V FB @ Maxwell; 7:00

Sept 8: JV Football @ Stapleton; 5:00

Sept 10: JH VB @ Stapleton

Sept 12: JV/V VB, V FB v. Stapleton @ Arnold; 5/6/7:30

Sept 13: V VB Seven Valleys Tournament @ Callaway; 9:30

Sept 15: JH/JV VB/FB @ Arnold; 2:30 JH VB, 4:30 JV VB/JH FB, 5:30 JV Football

Sept 16: V VB Triangular @ Brady; 5:00

Sept 18: JV V VB SEM @ Callaway; 5:30/6:30

Sept 19: V FB v. Hemmingford @ Arnold; 6:00

Sept 22: JH VB/FB, JV FB @ Ansley-Litchfield; 3:30/5:30/6:30

Sept 23: JV/V VB Quad @ Merna TBA

Sept 24: School Pictures K-11; 8:00; Preschool welcome at 7:45 am

Sept 25: Parent Teacher Conferences, 5:00-8:00 pm

Sept 26: No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:00-Noon

Sept 26: V FB @ Burwell 7:00

Sept 27: V VB @ Brady, 9:00

Sept 29: JV VB Mid Plains Tourney, TBA

Sept 29: JH VB/FB, JV FB v. Twin Loup @ Callaway; 2:30, 4:30, 5:30

Sept 30: JV/V VB v. Ansley-Litchfield @ Callaway; 5:30/6:30



Mark Twain Portrait: Jim Portrait:  Huck Finn Caricature:

Project Title:  Picture the Character (or Author)

Software Used:  Internet

Subject and Grade Level:  English 9-12 (or any other course)

Standards:  12.1.1, 12.2.5

Suggestions:  If you have a student that is less artistic (or you want to use it as a small assignment), use a webpage such as www.magixl.com for creating the facial features and merely add color and background to make it more individualistic.

Materials needed:  paper, colored pencils or markers, etc.

Lesson Plans/Directions:  I use this as a creative time at the end of a quiz.  Have students create a caricature of a character or author.  If you use the webpage for the face, students just need to add color and create a background with symbolic representations that fit the character.  For example, Huck Finn may be placed on a raft,  Mark Twain may be put in a white suit or on the picture of a riverboat.  It can be used with pretty much any novel and is a fun way to be sure students visualize their characters.

Web Site to Generate Caricatures:  http://digibody.com/avatar-maker/index.php