Upcoming Activities

Oct 31: No School Fall Break

Nov 2: Fall Back; Time Changes!

Nov 3: Volleyball Subdistricts in Ord, South Loup v. Central Valley at 6:00; second game for winner to follow immediately

Nov 6: Conference Quiz Bowl has been Moved to March 9!!!

Nov 7: JH Wrestling @ Sutherland; 3:00

Nov 11: Veteran's Day program in Gym, 10:00

Nov 12: CAPABLE Career Day: Healthcare

Nov 13: JH Wrestling SL Invite @ Arnold, 2:00

Nov 14: One Act Play school matinee, 2:00; Public Performance with Callaway @ Arnold, 7:00

Nov 17: Winter Sports Practice Begins; OCC Packing party in HS Gym; Pubic Performance One-Act Play in Callaway (7:00)

Nov 21: JH Wrestling @ Med Valley, 1:00

Nov 24: Conference Play Production in Callaway, 2:00 Performance

Nov 26: Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving; 2:40 Friday Schedule

Nov 27-28: No School; Thanksgiving Break

Daily Double Novel List of Projects

Project Title:   A List of Projects that Cover Multiple Intelligences

Software Used:  Varies depending on which item the students chooses from the list.

Example:  writing a song may use garage band, a scrapbook may use iPhoto, an author study might use Power Point, acting out a skit may use iMovie, making a model may use a drafting program, etc…..)

Subject and Grade Level:  7-12

Intergrated Subject Areas Also Covered:  All subject areas are covered at some point in the list.

Standards:  Most of the standards are covered at some point in the lists.



Hamlet Projects Duel Hamlet Activities
Romeo and Juliet Projects RomeoAndJulietProjects
Lord of the Flies Projects Christmas Carol Projects
American Authors Short Projects American Authors Projects
Censorship Activities Modern Author Evaluation
Modern Author Oral Presentation Modern Author Projects
WillaCatherProjects  HuckProjects


Suggestions:  Different lists have different difficulty levels depending on the grade level that I teach the novel in.  I use this as a friendly way to evaluate their understanding of the text.  I let all students focus on their individual talents so many different ability levels and interests can shine.

Materials needed:  Varies upon choice  (traditional, technological, etc.)

Lesson Plans/Directions:  At the top of every project list I explain the point systems.  The more difficult the project, the more points it will be worth.  I also encourage students to create their own projects and barter for points because one of my goals is for students to be excited about classical literature.

We begin with a conference:  Literature Project Conference Agreement