Upcoming Activities

April 18-21: No School Easter Vacation

April 22: JH Track @ Broken Bow

April 22: Senior Tea VFW, 2:30

April 22-23: 5th Grade NeSA Reading

April 24: Golf @ Sandhills/Thedford

April 24: DARE Graduation 2:00

April 24-25: 5th Grade NeSA Science and Math

April 25: Community Clean-Up 6-12 Students w/ Chamber of Commerce (All Day)

April 25: LVC Music @ Broken Bow

April 26: HS Track @ Hershey

April 28-29: 4th Grade Trip to Halsey

April 28: NHS/NJHS Induction Ceremony

April 28/30: 8th and 11th NeSA Science

April 29: JH Track South Loup Invite; Arnold

April 30-May 1: 4th NeSA Math

Octo Pos

Project Title:  Octo PoS:  Creating Visual Study Notes
Software Used:  iPhoto, Word, Internet, possibly Photoshop

Subject and Grade Level:  9th Grade English (or any other class that you focus on Grammar)

Intergrated Subject Areas Also Covered:  Can be adapted for any subject area by changing topic and visual.

Standards:  12.2.1, 12.2.5

Middle School students find it difficult to see how the eight parts of speech are related to other parts of speech, so I created a part of speech pie. This pie shows that parts of speech that are side by side are related. We then discussed how they are related to other parts of speech that they are not sided with (we drew arrows). When it was done, they had many color coded arrows through the middle and it looked like a swirled cheesecake. Following the discussion, students were allowed to take additional notes about each part of speech to the outside of the pie. Whatever was on their pie they could use for quizzes and to study with. Back Of Parts of Speech Pie

Part Speech Wacky Web Tales

Suggestions:  I create a bulletin board and make it interactive by having students add information as they discover interesting tidbits.  Students like being able to add input on what goes up.  The only requirement that I have is that they have an image and short caption.  The bulletin board needs to be visual and educational.

Materials needed:  markers, construction paper, scissors, glue, etc.

Lesson Plans/Directions:  I have this as an on-going project throughout the unit.  Students are given 10 to 15 bonus points for each submission that is improved.  Sometimes I make a remark about  student wording some insight well and suggest the student submit something for the board, but as students get into it I don’t have to hint as often.  Students enjoy being creative as they make the visual and I ended up with a sparkling treasure chest full of study tips.  My students become active learners without any extra class time.