Upcoming Activities

Sept 22: JH VB/FB, JV FB @ Ansley-Litchfield; 3:00/5:30/6:30

Sept 23: JV/V VB Quad @ Merna: V play at 4:00 and 6:00, and JV play at 5:00 and 7:00

Sept 24: School Pictures K-11; 8:00; Preschool welcome at 7:45 am

Sept 25: Parent Teacher Conferences, 5:00-8:00 pm

Sept 26: No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:00-Noon

Sept 26: V FB @ Burwell 7:00

Sept 27: V VB @ Brady, 9:00

Sept 29: JV VB Mid Plains Tourney, TBA

Sept 29: JH VB/FB, JV FB v. Twin Loup @ Callaway; 2:30, 4:30, 5:30

Sept 30: JV/V VB v. Ansley-Litchfield @ Callaway; 5:30/6:30

Parts of Speech

Project Title:  Flipping Through the Parts of Speech
Software Used:  iBook, iPhoto, possibly Garage Band  (or you could use freeplaymusic.com if you cite it)

Subject and Grade Level:  Any grade (I use it with 9th grade grammar focus.)

Standards:  12.2.1, 12.2.3, 12.2.2, 12.2.4, 12.3.2
Class Grammar Book
Wrestling Grammar Book
Parts of Speech Categorical
Grammar iBook Directions

Suggestions:  Read “Nouns are CATagorical” for an example and brainstorm various topics that students can write about.

Materials needed:  computer, digital camera, and creativity

Lesson Plans/Directions:  First we introduce parts of speech and why it’s important to know a word’s part of speech.  After we discuss the parts of speech collectively, I focus on each part of speech for a few days.  I begin with nouns because that’s the easiest one for students to recognize.  I read the book “Nouns are CATagorical” and we brainstorm ways to identify a noun.  Then I introduce our big project for our parts of speech unit.  Each student creates his or her own book similar to the CATagorical books, but the topic may change to allow the student to show his or her personality.  This year I had a wrestling, volleyball, going to prom, fishing, learning to drive, and many more creative stories.  Students were allowed to choose what genre the story would be in (most chose poetry or fiction).  The student was allowed to take photographs for the illustrations or get pictures off the Internet if the student cited the pictures.  I allowed two days for the noun section since it was the first time any of the students had used iBook.  Students also had to write their own “Clues for Nouns” page at the end of the section.  Each noun had to be color coded according to directions.  After the two work days, I used a day for students to present their noun section and the class discussed whether the student correctly identified all nouns.  [Some of the most interesting discussions had to do with words that were sometimes used as different parts of speech like serve and spike.]  This presentation also gave the students a chance to get ideas from other students about the program and inspired the less motivated students.

After we discussed the verbs, I allowed them two days for writing and creating that section.  They also added a clues page to find verbs.  Again, verbs had to be color coded.  After they were done, we presented them again to the class.

Each additional part of speech only needed one workday and we presented to peers rather than taking the time to show the entire class.  All clue pages had to be worded in a student’s own words rather than typing the “rule” from the grammar book and I had a different color for each part of speech.  After students were given an opportunity to do each of the parts of speech, they presented their final iBooks in class.