Upcoming Activities

Oct 31: No School Fall Break

Nov 2: Fall Back; Time Changes!

Nov 3: Volleyball Subdistricts in Ord, South Loup v. Central Valley at 6:00; second game for winner to follow immediately

Nov 6: Conference Quiz Bowl has been Moved to March 9!!!

Nov 7: JH Wrestling @ Sutherland; 3:00

Nov 11: Veteran's Day program in Gym, 10:00

Nov 12: CAPABLE Career Day: Healthcare

Nov 13: JH Wrestling SL Invite @ Arnold, 2:00

Nov 14: One Act Play school matinee, 2:00; Public Performance with Callaway @ Arnold, 7:00

Nov 17: Winter Sports Practice Begins; OCC Packing party in HS Gym; Pubic Performance One-Act Play in Callaway (7:00)

Nov 21: JH Wrestling @ Med Valley, 1:00

Nov 24: Conference Play Production in Callaway, 2:00 Performance

Nov 26: Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving; 2:40 Friday Schedule

Nov 27-28: No School; Thanksgiving Break

Creative Email

creativeemail: Project Title: The God Messages: An Ongoing Series

Software Used: We use Manila web page building software, but you can use any email software or Word Processor would work

Subject and Grade Level: These were written at the high school level, but they could be done by any grade level, about any subject, to a real or imaginary person.

Lesson Plans/Directions: As students are working on their web pages, they often run into problems that they can’t solve. I have explained to them that within the Manila Web Page software there are “levels of power,” thus the biblical metaphor. What this essentially means is that different users can do different things based on their permissions.

  1. The top level was correlated to “God” powers.
  2. The next level down was correlated to the “disciple” level – highly powerful, yet not all knowing or capable.
  3. The third level correlates to the “minister” level – a direct tie to God and Disciples , powerful leaders, but not all powerful.
  4. And the final level are the “churchgoers.” They can view, and contribute, but they can’t delete, manage, or rearrange.

When the students begin to troubleshoot when their web sites don’t work they want them to, they have to go through the levels of permission to figure out how to fix it, alter it, or get help doing so. When they get to the level that I can’t help them because even I don’t have permission, then we write a note to the top level user, “God.”

At first, we just wrote plain emails to get help from the ESU, but it got to be a joke about writing a letter to God. So we decided to get creative. At first the Manila Webmaster was a man named Jason, and later someone else took over the same duties and her name was Stacy. God changed from a male to a female! But what she didn’t know when she took over the job was that we had gotten creative. The first few messages she thought we were crazy, but later enjoyed getting them and even got into the spirit and responded as “God.”

Now the students are enjoying it so much they plan ahead what the next story to emulate will be. Then when a message does need to be written, they all tend to pitch in “story ideas” as we are writing the email.

Intergrated Subject Areas Also Covered:

  • These were actually generated in the dual credit Web Design Class
  • Creative Writing
  • Grammar and Spelling


  • LA 12.1.2 Evaluating Resources
  • LA 12.2.2 Writing Compositions
  • LA12.2.5 Writing Notes and Summarizing
  • Tech 12.2 Choosing Resources
  • Math 12.4.7 Deductive Reasoning
  • Tech 12.10 Project Creation

Suggestions: Obviously, you don’t have to use a religious metaphor, and I wouldn’t necessarily choose it, but this all fell into place without any preplanning. This lesson came up unexpectedly, and evolved into a lesson they look forward to and the students plan for it. They like to choose the next “story” to emulate in the language of the email. All the students tend to work together on one email message so they can get pretty creative.

Example: (names have been altered to protect students)



Example #1 What was sent:Dear God,

According to Revelations, there are several signs that mean the end is near… one of our faithful disciples was “called home” during the Rapture.

Since we were “Left Behind” we are trying to clean up the mess and have found many obstacles, other than the famines, floods, and fires.

The woman who was called home was Jenee and her link is on the following biblical site:http://sites.arnold.k12.ne.us/counseling

We need to remove the link called Meet Jenee and the corresponding page. Those on the tribulation force need to hire someone new to fulfill her responsibilities.

Would like to join the Tribulation Force, or just help with the problem?

Response: To all my disciples,

The Meet Jenee page was really the About page, so I restored it to About and cleared out her information. It should be ready for the new person.

Very creative my noble ones.

Example #2 What was sent:Dear God, I have heard about your experience with “creation” and that you have been very successfull. I am not praying for your skills, but I am hoping for a little assistance. I have heard that there are snakes in the garden, and they might not be guiding us in the right direction. Before the snake ruins things, we would like to reproduce our membership. Their names are not Cain and Abel and they don’t have email addresses in the garden of eden, so I thought I might write for some help.

(Last year I was not able to put in new members into our GPS web site because they kids did not have real email addresses, so I had to send them in to “God” and have them created from Adam’s rib…)

Here is the list of students who need to be able to login for the GPS project we are doing right now. They need to be able to create and delete pages, created and delete pictures that they make only! Not anyone else’s stuff…

I have them listed by their name, then the login they need, and then the password they should use.

Bishop, T (this is a real student, not a religious joke) thomasb@esu10.org

Response: Every time I read this I just crack up. VERY creative!! I have all the kids into that sites.arnold.k12.ne.us/gswingle They are set up as contributing editors so they can only edit things that they have created. Let me know if you need anything else. In my holy name….Amen