Upcoming Activities

Oct 1: CAPABLE Career Exploration Day in Broken Bow for Manufacturing/Industry, 8:15; UNK Choral Workshop

Oct 2: V VB Triangular in Sargent, 6:00 and 7:00

Oct 3: V FB in Amherst, 7:00

Oct 6: JH VB/FB 2:30/4:30 in Arnold v. Sandhills/Thedford

Oct 6: NRCSA Search Committee Representative Staff Meeting 4:00 in Callaway; Community Input Meeting 6:30 in Arnold Community Center

Oct 6: Homecoming Pep Rally and Tailgate Party at the Arnold City Park, 6:45; Everyone is welcome

Oct 7: JV/V VB v. McPherson County in Arnold, 5:30/6:30

Oct 8: Fire Prevention Week, Mobile Firehouse at APS

Oct 9: V VB South Loup Triangular in Arnold, 5:00/7:00

Oct 10: V FB v. Ansley-Litchfield in Callaway 7:00; Homecoming Coronation and HC Dance to follow

Oct 11: JV VB @ Anselmo-Merna; JH VB @ Callaway--Lions Club Tournament

Oct 13: JH VB/FB, JV FB @ Brady; 2:00/3:30/5:00

Oct 14: Regular School Board Meeting; 8:00

Oct 15: Ogallala Commons Career Fair Grades 9-12

Oct 16: First Round MNAC Tournament, TBA

Oct 17: Parents Night/V FB v. Greeley Wolbach @ Callaway

Oct 18: MNAC Tournament Semi-Finals and Finals @ North Platte, TBA

Oct 20: Red Ribbon Week (RRW) Begins (Pajama Day)

Oct 21: V VB @ Ansley-Litchfield Quad TBA; RRW continues (Crazy Hair Day: Doing Drugs is a Hair-Raising Experience)

Oct 22: RRW: Hat Day You Can't Cover Up Drug Use

Oct 23: RRW: Show your True Colors and Don't Do Drugs

Oct 24: RRW: Team Up to end Drug Use (Wear your favorite Team Jersey); Every 32 Seconds 6-12

Oct 24: JV/V VB, V FB @ Twin Loup (Sargent); 5:00/6:00/7:30

Oct 25: 1:00 JV VB Tournament Twin Loup @ Sargent

Oct 27: Teacher Inservice Dismiss at Noon; Conference Vocal Clinic @ Arnold TBA

Oct 28: JV/V VB @ Anselmo-Merna 5:00/6:00

Oct 31: No School Fall Break

Daily Evaluation Forms

Daily: Project Title:
Holding Students Accountable

Software Used:
Microsoft Word to create the table

Subject and Grade Level:
Good for any grade level, but we use 7-12

Intergrated Subject Areas Also Covered:
This type of document could be used in an subject area.

Open this DailyEvaluation File as an example of what you might use in your own classroom, or feel free to download and modify the file to fit your needs.

Lesson Plans/Directions:
This form is used to hold student accountable when they are working on individual projects or self-directed study time.

  • Speech preparation time
  • Journalism/Annual Staff Work Time
  • Independent or Group Work Time on Projects
  • Student Aids who receive a grade

Each student will be given a printed copy of this file. The student does self-evaluation of their work ethic and behavior during that class period. They are handed out at the beginning of class (or picked up by the student as they come in) and then collected at the end of the period by the teacher (or collected at the door as they leave). The grades are then entered in the grade book as participation grades for the week.

Depending upon the class you would be using this form with, you will want to adjust, delete and add the file to fit your personal needs. This is a generic sample to get started.