Upcoming Activities

Oct 31: No School Fall Break

Nov 2: Fall Back; Time Changes!

Nov 3: Volleyball Subdistricts in Ord, South Loup v. Central Valley at 6:00; second game for winner to follow immediately

Nov 6: Conference Quiz Bowl has been Moved to March 9!!!

Nov 7: JH Wrestling @ Sutherland; 3:00

Nov 11: Veteran's Day program in Gym, 10:00

Nov 12: CAPABLE Career Day: Healthcare

Nov 13: JH Wrestling SL Invite @ Arnold, 2:00

Nov 14: One Act Play school matinee, 2:00; Public Performance with Callaway @ Arnold, 7:00

Nov 17: Winter Sports Practice Begins; OCC Packing party in HS Gym; Pubic Performance One-Act Play in Callaway (7:00)

Nov 21: JH Wrestling @ Med Valley, 1:00

Nov 24: Conference Play Production in Callaway, 2:00 Performance

Nov 26: Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving; 2:40 Friday Schedule

Nov 27-28: No School; Thanksgiving Break

Online Lesson Plans



Project Title: Communications and Accountability

Software Used:

  • iCal
  • Word
  • Excel
  • iWeb
  • Manila Tables
  • email

Subject and Grade Level: Any Grade Level

Each teacher does their lesson plans in a different manner, and since there are so many choices available to accomplish the same tasks, the teacher can use the software they are the most comfortable with. Our school requires that weekly lesson plans are posted on the web for the students and parents to access at any time during the week. If a student is absent, they are directed to check all the lesson plans posted by the teachers and do the makeup work according to the rules of the student handbook and individual classroom rules. The school district asks everyone’s lesson plans include the following:

  • Lesson Plan Objectives
  • Standars Alignment
  • Technology Used (if any)
  • Homework Assignment and Due Dates





Using Email to Send Out Lesson Plans

Steps for Setting Up Email for Lesson Plans

  • You can continue to use Word or Excel the same way you have always used it.
  • You can create a mailing list/group of all students who will recieve the email. This way you can send one email to all students at once
  • You can create a list/group of all parents who will recieve the email. That way all parents receive the lesson plans with one email message creation.

Microsoft Word

Link Example: at the bottom

Steps for Setting Up a Word Document for Lesson Plans

  • You can continue to use Word the same way you have always used it.
  • You can create a table with rows and columns similar to the Blue Lesson Plan books that are bought by many school districts
  • You can create your own template.



Microsoft Excel

Link Example: at the bottom

Steps for Setting Up a Excel Document for Lesson Plans

  • You can continue to use Excel the same way you have always used it.
  • You can create a table with rows and columns similar to the Blue Lesson Plan books that are bought by many school districts
  • You can put a border on each of the cells in the tables to create visual boundaries of each day, and each subject
  • You can create your own template.




Link Example:

Steps for Setting Up an iCal Calendar:
How to Subscribe to a Calendar 

  1. Open ical
  2. Click on Calendar menu
  3. Go to Subscribe
  4. Type in: webcal://name of server/ical/calendars/CalendarName.ics
  5. Login:
  6. Password:
  7. Title: (your choice)
  8. Click Refresh every 15 minutes
  9. Click Remove alarms
  10. Click Remove item
  11. Click OK and it should load the calendar and you should begin to see the items and events show up on the calendar

How to Publish an iCal Calendar

  1. I would suggest that when you create calendars for lesson plan use, you might want a different calendar for each class you teach since students will only need information for one of your classes.
  2. As you name each of your calendars you will want to use a name of the calendar which involves no spaces, symbols or punctuation. (Example: 10Biology, English9, Math7, CollegeAlgebra, etc.)
  3. When you are ready to publish the calendar for subscribers to see, click the name of the calendar you are ready to publish, then go to the calendar menu and click ?publish?
  4. A save as menu will appear and you will fill in the blanks:
    • Publish as: name of file (again, no spaces, symbols, punctuation and the name can be the same as the one you created)
    • Publish on: a Private Server
  5. Base URL: name of host server
  6. Put in the login:
  7. Put in the password:
  8. Click OK (To check and make sure it worked, you should see a little icon appear next to the calendar on the left side of your screen that looks similar to your airport cone of connection. If you see a red exclamation point, you might need to refresh.)
  9. Click the ?publish changes automatically? box so that as you make changes to the calendars they change automatically. (Hint: if you update your calendar at home, when you return to school the next day you will need to go the calendar menu and click ?refresh all? and they will update. It is like synching? you can only do it at school.)

To figure out the web address of your iCal:

  • Click the calendar you want to figure out the address.
  • Go to the calendar menu
  • Click send publish email
  • When the email appears, you will see an address:
  • Now you can create a link from your teacher web site to this online calendar.

Technical Information:
To put users in iCal so they can publish or subscribe:

  1. You will want a universal login for ical publishers. You will also want a universal login for ical subscribers. Therefore, you will need to create users in workgroup manager.
    • Make a user name for calendar creators:
    • Make a user name for calendar subscribers: www is the default web user
  2. Now you have to activate the users using server admin: (You only have to set this up once, and then use the list to double check that the settings have not changed)
    • Double click the web link on the left side of the screen. (You might have to put in a password)
    • Now click the settings button at the bottom
    • Now click the sites tab near the center of the screen
    • Now domains are listed here (ours does not have a title, but it does have an asterisk in it) and double click
    • Now click realms
    • Choose ical
    • Add a realm by clicking the + button and give the realm a name called ?calendar?
    • In the options/permissions area make sure that the user can author
    • The first time you set up you will have to navigate with the browswer to get to the ical folder and click OK
    • Now the users should have an ?everyone? listed. Leave the boxes unchecked for now. You might opt to change it later.
    • Now you can add the two users you have set up in workgroup manager. Click the users and groups button at the bottom so a slide window appears. Choose the users calendar and studentcalendar from the list and set the permissions. The calendar user should be able to author and browse, and the studentcalendar can only browse.
    • Click save
  3. Now go through the steps to either publish or subscribe listed above.

Settings in the Server:

  • You must turn on the web server
  • You must enable weblogging
  • You have to have the php checked


Link Example:

Steps for Setting Up an iWeb for Lesson Plans
Steps to Create Your Own Teacher Web Page (and Publish It) Using iWeb

  1. iWeb is located in the Applications folder on your laptop.
  2. Open the program and create your web pages. (Keep in mind you only get one web “site” and you create more pages as you need them, so your Welcome page should be fairly generic for all of your classes and projects.)
  3. Save your web site. (It will create a folder called ?Site? ? notice that it not Sites like the folder in your directory)
  4. Now that it is saved, you will need to publish your web pages so students, parents and others can see your work. Go to the file menu and choose ?Publish to a Folder? and when the navigation window appears, make sure you are publishing the work to your home directory and then to your ?Sites? folder. (Watch carefully since there is a site folder that your saved work is in.)
  5. Once it finishes publishing. Synch your home directory to the server using the two houses on your menu bar.
  6. Launch a web browser to see your published pages. In the address bar put the following:http://apsserver.arnold.k12.ne.us/~username/Sites/Welcome.html (be aware that you can also use the following address in the building and it will run fasterhttp://
  7. When you make new changes to your site, you will need to save, publish again, and synch each time for the changes to be live and visible.
    • Should you follow all of the steps on a republish and they aren?t visible, try going to the Safari menu, and then click empty cache. Close Safari and relaunch and you should see the new site with the updates.
    • When you republish, it won?t ask to replace the folder, it just does it.
  8. If you see in your Sites folder you might see a couple of files and folders named: index.html, and images folder, or a streaming folder they are just there by default. You don?t really need them for anything. But don?t delete the Sites folder or the Site folder or it won?t work.