Upcoming Activities

Oct 24: RRW: Team Up to end Drug Use (Wear your favorite Team Jersey)

Oct 24: JV/V VB, V FB @ Twin Loup (Sargent); 5:00/6:00/7:30

Oct 25: 1:00 JV VB Tournament Twin Loup @ Sargent

Oct 27: Teacher Inservice Dismiss at Noon; Conference Vocal Clinic @ Arnold w/ Concert at 6:30 Community Center

Oct 28: Spanish classes Field Trip to North Platte

Oct 28: JV/V VB @ Anselmo-Merna JV at 5:00/7:00; Varsity 6:00/7:00; Girls leave at 3:30, dismissed at 3:25

Oct 31: No School Fall Break

Organizational Bootcamp


Project Title:
Being Prepared For the School Year With Your Laptop

Software Used:

  • Stickies
  • iCal
  • OSX Harddrive Directories

Subject and Grade Level:
7-12 Grades bootcamp: Intergrated Subject Areas Also Covered:
These skills are definitely for all subject areas.

I held a student ‘bootcamp’ on the first day of school. We used the first day because there tends to be a lot of interuptions throughout the day (late start, early out for heat, assembly during first hour, drop and add – all day long, etc.) I invited 9th and 10th grade students for 2 hours, then the 11th and 12th. Later I invited the 7th and 8th to come in and we did basically the same steps.

Materials needed:
Just the laptops, or a lab setting

Lesson Plans/Directions:


  • Use stickies to keep track of notes (make one like pink slip on workstations with server connect numbers)
  • Use iCal to record due dates and assignments, meetings, practices, rehearsals, etc.
  • Set up directory folders for each class and then inside of those folders, set up folders for individual units or projects.

Working with File Directories

  1. Explain directories and file servers. How do the folders work?
    • Imovie sizes (program runs more efficiently if you run with a power plug and without music playing in the background)
    • Photo sizes
    • Document sizes
    • Permissions on folders
  2. Synching or Backing Up Your Files
    • Explain directory structures
    • What does synching mean?
    • Disk quotas
    • Saving regularly
  3. You are responsible for backing up your files. If a file disappears, it is your fault if you didn’t synch with the server.
  4. Set up files and folders in your documents folder instead of on the desktop. Only the documents folder sychs with the server.
  5. Make a movies folder if the students don’t have one. That way imovie defaults to that folder
  6. Keep in mind that if you create your whole ipod library on this laptop you will have to recreate it next year. I totally wipe the laptops out over the summer and reimage them with new software and virus updates, etc.
  7. Be sure to save your files with extension tags because if you don’t the teacher won’t be able to read them in the drop box.

Finding Files on Your Laptop

  • Use of spotlight

Taking Notes

  • Students who have laptops still take notes in notebooks, especially in their hardest classes because they remember more when written by hand.
  • Plagiarism: Copy and paste should never be done because it is supposed to be in your own words. The only time it is acceptable is when it is a direct quote.

Quick Features

  • F11 Screen Clear
  • Hot Corners


  • You need to reduce the amount of items you are carrying around everyday. Carry only what you really need. If you drop something now, it could be the laptop.
  • Use your bookmarks, they will save a ton of time.
  • surfing or checking email, etc. is like talking on the phone when you are supposed to be listening to a lecture. It is rude and you should save it for later.
  • Time management for non-internet or print connections at home.
  • Putting headers on documents with your name in it.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements for scholarships SENIORS COME SEE ME (Scholarship directory that seniors can add to also)


  • If you are caught using any online services or software to make dates, or meet someone, that is considered a violation of the AUP and you will be disciplined accordingly.
  • I can run a report with the filter to trace the web sites you have accessed and what you have been doing.
  • I can turn off your printing privileges or restrict the amount of pages more
  • I can watch your actions at any time (usually randomly) with Remote Desktop. As can all of your teachers.
  • Each teacher will have a different set of rules you will have to follow. If you violate their rules they will hand your laptop over to Mrs. Badgley for a specific amount of time deemed by the teacher.
  • If you viloate internet safety during the school day, you could lose your laptop for the rest of the year.
  • If you are using your laptop to cheat in any way, you laptop will be removed and disciplinary actions will be determined by the teachers and administrators.